Saturday, May 19, 2012

Getting read for the first ride on his "Make a Wish" Dirt Bike!

Yes, this is what you're thinking...and yes, I'm freaking out! Josh loaded him up with his bike today and they are taking it out for the very first ride!  Jacob got a fancy filter mask to wear inside his helmet and we took it to his appointment yesterday at the hospital.  The doctor was very hesitant about it and said to be extremely careful...but he okayed it!  I think he's more concerned about Jacob falling and getting hurt than breathing in the dust at this least that was the feeling I got.  With the new filtering mask and his "body armor" and the helmet with the face mask & filters built in, he's pretty well protected from dirt and dust as long as he's not riding right behind someone.  Josh will let him lead the way so he's out in front and they plan to go for a nice easy cruise.  (at least that's the story I got...)

If you're reading this today, please say a little prayer for my big boys that they make it home safely! (and that they have lots and lots of fun!!!)   I really am excited for them and man I wish I was there to get pictures and video of jacob riding for the first time, but well, I just hope they are having fun and making some awesome memories!

Very happy boys.  

...and that's the bike! All loaded up in the back of Josh's truck.  It is so fancy with all the Make a Wish decals and Nitro Circus theme.  

He looks tired already and they haven't even left.  Just loading up with everything wore him out.  haha


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